Gary Smulyan
Hidden Treasures

Gary Smulyan – baritone saxophone
Christian McBride – bass
Billy Drummond – drums

For his second Reservoir CD, baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan gives us music to discover and explore. In the company of bassist Christian McBride and drummer Billy Drummond, Smulyan performs ten obscure tunes written by well known musicians which are based on the chord changes of standards and jazz classics. Anchored by Smulyans’ distinctive sound, the trio brings forth a fountain of textures and a flow of ideas which bear the impact of a larger ensemble, but which carry a refreshing small group vitality and spontaneity.

Hidden Treasures clearly presents the depth of Gary Smulyan’s state-of-the-art saxophone playing with his fluid technique, his harmonic sophistication, and most important, his serious swing. As Christian McBride exclaims at the end of one of the selections: “New York Jazz, Baby!”

Track Listing:

  1. Stretch in F
  2. Wail Bait
  3. Bud’s Idea
  4. A Woman Always Understands
  5. House of Chan
  6. Omicron
  7. A Rose For Wray
  8. Off The Cuff
  9. Jahbero
  10. Fifth House